Different Types Of Laminating Films Available

The range of lamination films available for specialist uses continues to grow, fuelled  by steady annual increase in the use of lamination for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The development in recent years of digital inkjet printers, which have largely supplanted chemical coated paper as the primary medium for creating photographs, means that much of the new lamination craze is driven by the need to preserve digitally printed photographs, posters, packaging and display material. Digital printing has reached such levels of speed, quality and economy that it is certain to continue increasing.

Digital inks, however, are not always compatible with conventional lamination films for two reasons. Firstly, these inks need low lamination temperatures, while many thermal lamination films require a temperature that is too high for the digital ink. Secondly, digital inks can be difficult to bond to, resulting in poor adhesion of the laminate.  

Digital lamination films overcome these problems, thanks to their dedicated formulation suiting them specifically to the needs of laminating digital prints. Pressure sensitive adhesives allow cold rather than thermal lamination, while being specially formulated to provide a strong bond to digital inks. Digital lamination films also come in wide formats, to suit the output of wide format printers, and a range of finishes including Silk, Gloss and Matte.

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