Plan Your Sailing Trip To Split Croatia

The beautiful town of Split in a comfortable lounge Croatian coast. Split is one of the famous tourist towns in Croatia and when you visit the ancient streets and gazing out of the Riva towards the islands it is very easy to see why so many people choose to visit this fantastic destination each year. The walk in the old city and discover the Roman ruins of the Diocletian’s Palace is a must for every visitor to Split. 

One of the main draws of this part of the world is the offshore islands. The ferry will take you to some of the islands more closely than the old port in Split, although for the true freedom of the sea can be a good idea to rent a yacht if you were lucky enough to have your own. You will feel your troubles drifting away on the washing waves as you sit and relax overlooking the calm, blue ocean. Are you looking to visit the islands of Split, Croatia? Visit  “sailing trip from Split. It can help you to plan your dream holiday.

Split is a fantastic city even though it can get quite busy during peak months. If you are looking for an idyll Croatia for a vacation of a lifetime then Split could be a very good base for exploring, so consider leaving a beautiful city behind and set sail for adventure. You can visit one of the many beautiful islands, Hvar, with celebs and party scenes, perfect for windsurfing and kite flying, or romantic Mljet, shrouded in myth.

This is the perfect way to get off the beaten track and find out what this area is really all about. From the marina frequented by millionaires to fishing villages that have changed little in the last hundred years, from busting the beach for a peaceful cove where the only sound is from the wind and the waves and the cries of sea birds circling.

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